Healthy Rubber Floors in Gyms with VOC Certificate

The VOC certificate comes from the abbreviation "Volatile Organic Compounds". VOCs are organic chemical compounds that can exist in liquid or solid form and can easily evaporate in the atmosphere. These compounds can be released into the atmosphere by various industrial activities, domestic uses, vehicle exhausts and other sources.

VOC certification is necessary to assess and control the environmental impact of products or materials. Measuring the amount of VOC in products and setting limits aims to reduce environmental pollution and protect human health. A VOC certificate is usually a certificate confirming that a product meets a certain VOC standard or contains a certain level of VOC.

This document can be applied to various industrial and consumer products such as furniture, building materials, paints, varnishes, cleaning products. Obtaining a VOC certificate can help manufacturers prove compliance with environmental regulations and increase the marketability of their products. This document is important for the protection of environmental protection standards and human health.

The importance of using rubber tiles with VOC certification in sports halls can be evaluated from several different perspectives:

Health Sensitivity: Indoor air quality is very important for individuals who spend a long time in gyms. VOCs can contribute to air pollution that can cause respiratory ailments, headaches and other health problems. FLEXXER VOC certified rubber tiles can help maintain indoor air quality as they have low VOC emissions.

Environmentally Friendly: FLEXXER VOC certified rubber tiles are made from environmentally friendly materials and have minimal environmental impact. Rubber tiles made from recycled materials and do not contain harmful chemicals are important for environmental protection.

Safety of Use: Accidents such as falling and slipping may occur during exercises in gyms. Rubber floor tiles can reduce the risk of injury to people falling to the ground thanks to their shock absorbing properties. It can also increase the safety of gym users by providing a better grip than slippery surfaces.

Durability and Ease of Maintenance: Rubber tiles are known for their durable structure and are resistant to intensive use. Thanks to these features, they can handle heavy traffic in gyms. They are also easy to clean and maintain, which can reduce operating costs.

As a result, using FLEXXER VOC-certified rubber tiles in gyms is important to maintain indoor air quality, be environmentally conscious, increase user safety and provide a durable floor. These tiles can help gyms create a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly environment.

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