Rubber Tiles Usage Areas

Flexxer rubber tiles are a safe, sustainable, high-quality, and appealing flooring system and have been highly preferred. It offers application availability in a wide range of areas such as transportation, schools and kindergartens, multi-purpose sports facilities, recreation areas and animal farms. 

-Outdoor and Indoor Playgrounds

Flexxer rubber tiles minimize the risk of impact-related injuries thanks to high elasticity and slip-resistance. They are an ideal flooring option for playgrounds with appealing color options and highest safety standard compliance.

-Schools and Kindergartens

Flexxer rubber tiles enable children play how they like it, providing them safety, comfort, and a colorful area. They are available in different colors offering imagination and creativeness enhancing design.

-Multi-purpose Sports Facilities

Sports are one of the most essential and enjoyable parts in life. With their elasticity, soft feel, and protection against serious injuries in falls of up to 3,50 m, Flexxer rubber tiles provide you with exactly the movement freedom you desire. They offer fast and easily installable, adaptable, and safe indoor and outdoor sports areas for multiple purposes.

-Garage Entrances and Parking Lots

Rubber is one of the most suitable floor materials for your garages and parking lots. Rubber floor coverings provide high quality, safety, and durability for garage entrances and parking lots. While it maintains its function for years thanks to the ease of maintenance, it does not lose its aesthetic appearance.

-Home and Garden Floors

You can combine your style with flooring suitable for your living space and garden. With many colors and designs to choose from, it is possible to bring your designs to life with rubber flooring systems. You can create your area with pleasure and handle the cleaning in a short time with easy maintenance.

-Shooting Ranges

Rubber floor coverings are preferred to ensure safety and sound insulation at shooting ranges. The fact that it is very easy and hygienic to clean is another reason why rubber floor coverings are preferred. It offers easy cleaning for gunpowder dust adhering to the floor.

-Horse Farms

Flexxer rubber tiles provide an ideal area for horses and other farm animals. They offer thermal insulation against cold from the ground, slip-resistance as a frost-proof and weather resistant solution. They reduce the noise significantly, which positively affects the stress level of the horses.

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